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Content and Copywriting Services in El Paso

Content Copywriting For Maximum Conversion
Emotionally Moving, Practically irresistible – Direct Response Copy elicits areaction from your audience. Double the returns of your marketing campaign now!
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Marketing + Copy – Don’t forget any of the two
Copy For Conversions

Design is half the battle for your websites and digital products. A client may tend you trust you better if your website looks competent, but if there isn’t an offer or a direct pitch to the client, it’s a lot like going fishing without a bait. The client wouldn’t be sold on your plans, or your business value.

  • User comes onto your page and doesn’t know what the heck you’re writing about
  • User knows about you, your business, but doesn’t know what’s in it for them
  • User thinks your offer is weak

And the user bounces off your pages. That’s your Search Engine Optimization and Web KPI down the drain.

Marketing Copy That Sinks Your Competition

Your competitors are getting so many new clients by the minute. They aren’t even writing that flamboyantly – what they are doing is clearly stating what results they bring, why they’re the best right from the start. Their copy is basic, elementary – but focused and getting the job done. That’s why you need direct copy to TRIPLE your conversion rates. Don’t waste any time now – revamp your identity, and give the OFFER to your users that they’re waiting for. Turn your $1 Ad Spend into $3 Returns by attracting new paying customers.

What We Copywrite For

Website Copywriting

For maximum effect, always start off your website with your ‘Bid-Winning Offer’. Is it a results guarantee? Is it free consultation worth USD 1000? If you have a perk for your user to bite on before converting into a paying customer. Stop dropping short when the client is already at your doorstep – craft your winning offer and win the client over!

Advertising Copywriting

Your Advertising Copy is a 30-second elevator pitch. Businesses need to trim off the fat, go straight to a beautifully crafted sentence that is jam-packed with value. Tell your client straight in the face what the value is, give him an irresistible offer and ensure that your business in Texas skyrockets to the moon.

SEO Content Copywriting

Sometimes it’s not just about the conversion rates, especially when your traffic shows up to be a big, fat 0. We know what it takes for your pages to show up in the Search Engines, and take it to the top of the Google Search Results. We’ll tell you how to easily DOUBLE your traffic, when you go after the available low-hanging fruits in the SERPS.

Our Copywriting journey

Brand and Value Analysis

El Paso Content Writers will first deeply understand what your company aims for and attempt to bring to the audiences. We want to crystallize your business’ value and make it directly known to visitors that you’re the best in town. Share with us your business value propositions now, and we just might have a winner on our hands.

Content Formulation

With all the information we have, our copywriters in El Paso help organize the information into the desired format. If it is a website content, we work together with the designers. If it is SEO content, we run it through Surfer SEO for an audit. We make sure that the content is easy to read for its intended audiences. We also use a variety of tools to help get the job done.

User Testing / AB Testing

For new sites or marketing campaigns, we create multiple versions of the same content. According to psychology, different wording and arrangements can sound vastly different. Hence, we do what marketers do best – test, test, test! To find out what marketing campaigns work in El Paso and Texas alike, we check the performance of each crafted content campaign and then present the results.

Content Tweaks

The content game is ever changing – what worked today, can become controversial tomorrow, or even viral overnight. Hence, content should never be static and what works best is to come back quarterly to refresh the content. This helps tell the search engines that your contents are fresh and updated, and that’s brownie points to Google for you.


Well there’s a difference between a simple line of English, and a carefully polished sentence that gets its point across succinctly. It’s a lot like why you hire a professional to do your cleaning rather than do it yourself. Firstly, the professional will more likely do a better and longer lasting job. Secondly, you have better things to do than to sit in front of the computer and smash your keyboards in a bid to find the best combination of words.

Leave it to us, really.

We’re aware that not everyone can be on the same continent at the same time – and that’s ok. We’re well versed in British English as well, with clients in Singapore and the United Kingdom in our Portfolio. Even within the United States, we have copywriting clients in Pennsylvania, New York and even California. As long as you are able to access Zoom or Skype, we’re golden!

Yeah, we’ve got you covered! We actually have an El Paso graphic design team that works together with our writers to generate kickass content for your social media or your blog pages. These two elements work hand-in-hand to birth linkable, shareable and lovable content on the internet marketing realm!

For small revisions such as wordings or phrases, please feel free to let us know if you’re not comfortable. Conceptually, we limit changes to about two conceptual changes as reworking the value will involve reworking the entire copy – and that’s why we have the product discussion stage of the project. Rest assured that our copywriters are trained in sales psychology and we minimize changes as much as we can.

We usually take this at the product discussion stage, but we will ask about product features, value proposition, company background, target segment and differentiating factors. We can collaborate on pitches to other companies as well.

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