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El Paso Web Development: The Best Technology Stack For A Great Website

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El Paso Web Development

Understanding a web development technology stack

By dev-site

With the advancement of technology comes the continuous need for the internet. The world now mainly revolves around the use of the internet and that includes businesses and companies. In line with this, the significance of websites is also put to light.

Many companies have websites. It’s a computer-programmed application that showcases everything that you want your business to show to your audience. It gives them the kind of experience that would make them know your brand in a way that will remain in their minds for quite some time. Having a great website is a key to making a mark on potential customers. This is why it’s very important to develop one that is fully-functioning and high-quality.

Creating a website is all about web development and web design. This means info-gathering, content writing, graphic design, coding, testing, and others. It involves a lot of planning of what can be displayed to capture the attention of users. However, other than the content and everything else, you need to ensure that you will be creating a website that operates smoothly and can give you the kind of results that you are expecting. How can that be done? Simple. You will be needing a great technology stack to build your website on.

Hold on a second, what is a technology stack anyway and why does your website need it?

Understanding a web development technology stack

Basically, a technology stack is essential to the creation of a website or web application. It is a collection of software that is vital to the development of a top-notch website. It consists of different programmings that each has its purpose in producing a responsive and operational website. Given its crucial role in the web development process, let’s get into the breakdown of its components to give you a better understanding of it.

1. Client-Side Programming or Front-End

To put it simply, the client-side programming or front-end refers to all things that users or site visitors see on their screens. It is the very thing that web developers create to interact with the main application. Here are its two major components:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
    • This is the one that indicates to the web browser how to display the content of the web pages.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    • This one is tasked to manage how to style the content displayed on the web pages.
  • JS (JavaScript)
    • The web developers use this to make the web pages interactive. 

2. Server-Side Programming or Back-End

This software is designated for tending to the requests that are directly coming from the front-end. Server-side programming languages are being utilized to create the logic behind websites and applications. This isn’t visible to the users no, but it focuses instead of powering the client-side.

Here are some well-known server-side programming languages:

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Ruby
  • Python

3. Database

Having a database allows you to collect and organize information that is coming from the front-end. The database, also known as the datastore, makes it easy for you to store data or information that could be useful both in the present or future. Here are its two primary divisions:

  • SQL database
  • NoSQL database

4. Web Application and Web Server

The purpose of the web application is to reduce the load that the database is carrying. It also handles large amounts of traffic on the website. Meanwhile, the website server is needed by the application to deal with the requests coming from clients’ computers.

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Technology Stack

Now that you have understood what the components of a technology stack are, it’s time to know the criteria for selecting a technology stack for your web application. You can’t just reach out blindly and select the one that your finger points at. Keep in mind that your website is in the hands of the technology stack that you will be using.

1. Web Application Type

To choose the right tech stack, you must first know the type of web application that you want. By doing so, you will have a better understanding of what particular tools you need to build that site. Furthermore, you must also identify your business goals. Your website is mainly for your business so whatever objectives you have will affect the decisions made in the technical part of creating the website.

2. TTM (Time To Market)

This pertains to the duration of time that developers have in working on a web application from start to finish. This is especially important to start-up businesses because the faster you develop your web application, the more ahead you will be of your competition. Less time also means cheaper costs which is another advantage.

3. Development Cost

Budget is always a significant part of planning and execution, which is not exempted even from web development. Creating a web application isn’t really cheap. Truth be told, you will be investing your money on it so you need to choose your technology stack wisely so as not to throw your money on the drain.

4. Security

Web development, unfortunately, is also prone to criminal acts—with cyberattacks being the predominant ones. These occurrences leave heavy damages, especially on online businesses. This is why it’s very important to keep your web application safe and secure from possible data breaches. You must choose the tech stack that can guarantee you the safety of your web application and all of its data.

Choose The Best Technology Stack For Your Desired Web Application

Creating a website is essential for many businesses nowadays. A website that is both appealing and operating smoothly (technical-wise) will increase a company’s credibility in the eyes of its audience. That is why you must carefully consider not just the right tech stack but the BEST one for your web application. In this way, you will be ending up with a website that will certainly elevate your business in a highly-competitive industry.

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